Kellen Lutz and What Else is New in Celebrity Workouts and Celebrity Diets

Here’s the latest news on the celebrity workouts and celebrity diets of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Kellen Lutz of New Moon…and Calvin Klein’s newest underwear model…

Kellen Lutz told the New York Times he worked with a trainer to “bulk up his chicken legs” and gave up candy.  “You have to look like you enjoy what you’re selling.  It doesn’t look that hard, but a lot of people don’t think about what goes into it.”

Paris Hilton…

“I’ve been really working out. I’m not eating fast food anymore. “No more McDonalds, In-N-Out done,” Paris Hilton added. “[I'm] getting my bikini body, so I’m about that,” the star told US Magazine.  Clearly, cutting out fast food should not only be a staple of celebrity diets, but that of anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Matthew Morrison of Glee…

“I’m a big runner, so before I go into work I try to get in at least a five-mile run. And this sounds silly, but after the day is done, before I leave my trailer, I do a headstand. It kind of gets all the blood in my head and it kind of lets me forget about everything, like ‘All right, we’re starting fresh, let’s go,’” the actor told Parade magazine.

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Shane Mosley Floyd Mayweather Pre-Fight Workout Tips

“Sugar” Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather will square off tonight it what is somewhat of a boxing fantasy match-up.  Shane Mosley, known for his speed and athleticism, currently holds the WBA Super World Welterweight title.  Floyd Mayweather, who has previously held six world boxing titles in five different weight classes, takes an undefeated record into the ring against Mosley.

The two fighter’s recently shared some of their pre-bout workout and training tips with Men’s Health.  Here’s a sneak peek and what you can do to get yourself in peak condition like they do.

Have a plan
“If I give my own gameplan, I’m giving the world my remedy on how I train. I can’t give the world my remedy,” says Mayweather.  Now that’s a competitor!  It is important to have a plan when you train and workout though.  Don’t just walk into the gym and wander around.  The only way to constantly achieve new fitness feats is to create a game plan and monitor your results.

Mix it up with intervals
Mosley keeps his running interesting with interval training.  We have long been supporters of incorporating intervals into your workouts as they have been proven to be a fast and effective way to burn fat and increase stamina.  Next time you are at the gym for a cardio session skip the slow boring run and try to crank it up a bit.  Run on the treadmill at about 85% for 30 seconds, then slow it down for a light jog or walk for 60 seconds.  Repeat this 6-10 times.  Once your body gets used to pushing itself you can vary the interval and rest lengths for a tougher challenge.

Find some motivation
“Every day that I go to the boxing gym, I think about what my opponent is doing,” Mayweather says. “In my mind, I’m trying to outwork my opponent. That’s what keeps me physically able to go out there and perform and not get tired. Each time I’m pushing myself more and more to the limit.”

Be versatile
Mosley supplements his gym workouts with bowling, basketball, and snowboarding. “It’s a different form of muscle training,” says Mosley’s trainer, Nazim Richardson. “It gives him that muscle confusion and keeps him agile.”

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kristen bell you again1 Kristen Bell Stays Slim, Even When in Rome celebrity diets Although it is tough to resist pasta and gelato in Italy, When in Rome star Kristen Bell manages to stay fit and healthy. “I remind myself how much better I feel when I’m eating better foods and have the adrenaline and endorphins from exercising.”

As far as diet is concerned, Kristen is an animal-rights supporter and became a vegetarian at age 11. Although Kristen was only a kid when she gave up meat, her mom was a nurse and made sure she didn’t miss out on nutrition. Kristen realizes, “It’s not just protein you might lose out on; it’s magnesium and zinc and other things animals provide. I try to eat more fresh foods than processed ones, and the grainiest bread possible.” Kristen also finds it “comforting to count calories” because it makes her conscious of what she puts in her body.

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Laura Vandervoort and Some of the Fittest Celebrities You Don't Know

Last month we introduced the Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know. This month, we’re presenting ten more of the fittest celebrities you don’t know.

Laura Vandervoort – “V”

Laura Vandervoort plays the alien Lisa in the ABC series V and formerly played Supergirl on Smallville. She’s not only a black belt in karate (she earned her second degree black belt at sixteen years of age), but also does all her own stunts. In addition, Laura Vandervoort partakes in various sports like soccer, tennis, and gymnastics to workout.

Danneel Harris – One Tree Hill

Danneel Harris currently stars in One Tree Hill as Rachel Gatina. She is not only a gifted actress, but Danneel Harris is also a gifted singer, piano player, and gymnast. Her best workout, diet, and beauty tips? Lots of sleep and food low in sodium before big events to reduce puffiness and water retention.

You can also check out Danneel on the big screen alongside Jennifer Lopez in The Backup Plan. Danneel Harris is also set to star in the NBC comedy pilot Friends With Benefits.

Ryan McPartlin – Chuck

Ryan McPartlin plays “Captain Awesome” in the NBC drama Chuck along with Yvonne Strahovski (yet another of the fittest celebrities you don’t know).  Ryan McPartlin is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and football player for the University of Illinois.  He is certainly not shy about showing off his body.

Coincidentally, “Captain Awesome” recently auditioned for the role as Captain America in the title film due out in summer 2011.

alanritchson thumb 10 More of the Fittest Celebrities You Dont Know fitness news featured celebrity fitness Alan Ritchson – Blue Mountain State

Former Smallville star and American Idol contestant, Alan Ritchson currently stars in the Spike TV comedy Blue Mountain State in which he plays a meathead defensive lineman. The shoots for BMS are quite demanding on Ritchson, who does 100-yard sprints, intervals, and three to five-mile runs to workout between each take.

Alan Ritchson first got in shape back in high school with this simple workout:

  1. Jog to a local park (2-3 miles)
  2. Perform the following 4 exercises as a circuit. Rest 30 seconds after each circuit. Do 4 circuits.
    • 25 pushups
    • 25 pullups (try using the monkey bars)
    • 25 dips (try using the monkey bars)
    • 50 situps
  3. Jog back

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“How Do You Know” Star Reese Witherspoon’s YogaHop Workout

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