Rihanna Stays Healthy And Fit With No-Carb Diets And Fresh Workouts

23-year-old R&B star Rihanna has been lighting up stages across the world this summer on her Loud tour. But Rihanna has been attracting attention offstage as well, most recently with her controversial Tweet about her shoot for Esquire Magazine: “I shot my first cover yesterday with Russell James… not much preparation: just wax and starve!” Fans were shocked or outraged, tweeting back, “That’s a bad message for your fans” and “What kind of role model are you?” While many concede that it most likely was a joke, Rihanna hasn’t publicly addressed the issue. Earlier in the year, however, Rihanna did address the topic of body image – declaring that she has learned to love her curves.

Rihanna has always been known as having one of most envied bodies in Hollywood – fit, but still shapely and not rail thin. Since she isn’t starving herself, here’s how she’s really staying in such great shape: “a lot of hard work.” Diet-wise, the singer says, “Carbs are the enemy!” She usually eats egg whites and pineapple for breakfast, fish and potatoes for lunch, and more fish for dinner. “I hate vegetables, but I make myself eat them,” she says.

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University of North Carolina Tarheels Interlocking NC logo.svg  300x239 Train Your Core Like the North Carolina Tarheels workout routines celebrity workouts athlete workouts The college basketball season is now into full swing. The University of North Carolina Tarheels has annually had one of the best college basketball programs for many reasons having produced great players like Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, Tyler Hansbrough, and even Julius Pepppers, who now plays in the NFL.  One of those reasons is their training program.  Created by UNC strength and conditioning coach, Jonas Sahratian, the “Medicine Ball 200 Workout” helps the players strengthen their core, burn fat, and improve their sports performance. The 200 meaning the number of repetitions performed. There’s also a “Medicine Ball 400 Workout” as well.

What’s great about this workout program is that it can be a standalone workout or you can couple it with your own training program – say after finishing your normal routine. Also, you need nothing more than a medicine ball of the 6-, 8-, or 10-pound variety.

As demonstrated at Men’s Health, do 20 repetitions of each exercise in the order shown. Complete the routine as a circuit, doing 1 set of each movement in succession and without resting.

1. Big Circles Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, hold a medicine ball with your arms extended directly above your head [A]. Without bending your elbows, rotate your arms counterclockwise [B], using the ball to draw large imaginary circles in front your body [C, D]. One circle is one rep. Do 10 reps in one direction, then do 10 reps in the other direction.

2. Woodchopper Stand with your feet just beyond shoulder-width apart. With your arms nearly straight, hold a medicine ball above your head [A]. Now bend forward at your waist and mimic throwing the ball backward between your legs — but hold on the ball the entire time [B]. Quickly reverse the movement with the same intensity, and return to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition.

3. Standing Russian Twist Hold a medicine ball with both hands in front of your chest and your arms straight [A]. Without dropping your arms, pivot on your right foot and rotate the ball and your torso as far as you can to the left [B]. Then reverse direction: Pivot on your left foot and rotate all the way to the right. That’s 1 repetition.

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Grant Hill's Career Changing Diet Tips

Plagued by injury for a good part of his time in the NBA, Phoenix Suns‘ forward Grant Hill credits his new diet for his recent resurgence.  Last year, at the age of 36, Hill played in all 82 games for the first time in his career.  He followed that up this season by starting in 81 of the Suns’ 82 games.

“When I was a rookie with the Pistons in ’94 I ate whatever I wanted.  Pregame, I’d stop at this street with five fast-food joints and go ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.’  My second year, I hired a chef.  I thought home-cooked meals would improve my diet.  Instead, I ate a lot of steaks, pastas, and heavy cream sauces, and Kool-Aid.  It was always in the fridge,” says Hill.

Hill has now changed his diet to include more fish, fruits and vegetables.  He attributes his ability to keep up with the younger guys in the NBA to his healthy eating.

Here are some diet tips Grant Hill shared in the May 2010 edition of Men’s Fitness…

Don’t Be Drastic
“If you want to improve how you eat, make a few subtle changes to your diet first.  Don’t just go hardcore all at once or you’re likely to fall off the wagon.’

Drink Nothing But Water
“That means no soda, coffee, or juice.  You’ll find it hard to do, but most of us walk around dehydrated because we don’t drink the right stuff.”
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terihatcher Teri Hatcher   Triathlon Fit at Age 45 workout routines exercises celebrity workouts celebrity fitness Last fall the Desperate Housewives star completed her first ever triathlon in Malibu at the age of 45.  Hatcher began riding her bike with her girlfriends, sometimes going up to 40 miles at a time, and often riding to and from work.  When she her most recent age milestone she began thinking about her fitness goals, saying, “The older you get, the more you become aware of the things you can’t change and the things you can change.  Like, do I want to take a year off and travel around the world? Sure! Can I do that? No. What can you do?  So, the triathlon became a goal.”

Hatcher began training by riding her bike around 100 miles per week in addition to some other training.  “I immediately got in my pool and started swimming back and forth for half an hour every day.  I also started a free-weights program that I do at work.  You know, with my work schedule, I don’t have an hour to go to the gym, but I have 10 minutes here and there.  And I don’t run, but I take my four dogs on a hilly, 2 or 3-mile hike,” said Hatcher in a recent interview.

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